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Dentists avoid and treat troubles affecting the mouth and teeth, such as dental and oral illness. Par contre, notre haut taux de succès nous permet de vous offrir un remplacement ou le remboursement de certains traitements (plombages, scellants, couronnes, facettes, ponts, prothèses amovibles, traitements de canal et implants) en cas de problème et ce pour une période de three ans !

As we know, dentistry has entered a new financial reality — a reality that is reshaping the way in which we do organization, as element of an industry whose foundation is constructed upon the appreciation and realization that relationships matter, above every little thing else.

Le Conseil d’administration doit, avant d’adopter un règlement en vertu du paragraphe a du premier alinéa, consulter l’Office des professions du Québec et les ordres professionnels auxquels appartiennent les personnes visées par ce règlement ou, à défaut de tels ordres, les organismes représentatifs de ces classes de personnes.

After I wrote that blog, I started to feel, Does absolutely everyone know how to use the Dentrix Fast Letters and the Dentrix Letter Merge characteristics?” These days, I would like to spell out the difference in the two functions and also give you some guidelines on how to customize your own letter.

Specialists in these fields are designated “registrable” (in the United States , “board eligible”) and warrant exclusive titles such as orthodontist, oral and maxillofacial surgeon, endodontist, pediatric dentist, periodontist, or prosthodontist upon satisfying particular nearby accreditation specifications (U.S., “Board Certified”).…